Fossil beds
Within the property there are a Camps Can fossil beds of Carboniferous important and internationally recognized. The collections found in these places are in major museums. Disclosure and respect for those you will avoid extracting their own sites, which can be accessed to conduct paleontological surveys only.

Industrial Archaeology
Can the present house was part of the housing fields of mining coal Surroca-Ogassa. Opposite the house you will find remains of inclined planes, mines, turrets and brake multitude of elements that help to understand the importance of the miner. Also found in the same population Ripoll and museums dedicated to the mining industry and Catalan forge.

Monumental itineraries
The Ripollès is rich in monuments, milestones Romanesque (Monastery of St. John of the Abbesses, Ripoll Camprodon Baget, Mollo …) and very small churches near the house (St. Martin Surroca St. Martin Ogassa, Vidabona …) all the twelfth century. Also is very close to San Juan modernist routes of the Abbesses, Ripoll Camprodon …

Walking and Hiking
Due to the excellent location of the property, the excursions Taga, St. Amand and Estela Puig is a must for lovers of the mountain. The proximity of several GR, climbing areas …… make this area a great destination for outdoor activities

Vallter2000 find stations, Núria La Molina and Masella a few kilometers from the house.

Mountain Bike
The entire region has mountain bike routes of varying difficulty and hardship. In Ogassa and St. John of the Abbesses find the ferry route that allows you to walk or bike rides for all ages because its route is a conversion of a railway with gentle slopes. The old station of Saint John of the Abbesses rent bicycles.